Piper in Kent

CONTACT   01634 387846

MOBILE      07760411424 

E MAIL - peter.tennant@talktalk.net

I am available for Corporate Events, Parties, New Years Eve. I can supply Mini Bands & Full Bands if required. No event too small or too large. 

 Wedding Service

The Highland Piper will pipe the arrival of the guests to the church, then the arrival of the bride and then pipes the bride from the car to the door of the church. (If the bride wants piping down the isle I also can do this).

after the service the piper can pipe the bride and groom out of the church (if required). The piper then goes to the reception venue and pipes the arrival of the guest to the reception. Then he pipes the arrival of the bride and groom.

After the bride and groom have had drinks and the receiving line, the piper then pipes the bride and groom to the top table and then pipes out leaving you and your party to enjoy the reception

Funeral Service

March in front of hearse when leaving house / funeral parlour 

Play at final resting place

Play tunes at end of service


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